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Child Care

Child Care | Jumping Up Learning Circles - San Jose, CA

Finding quality after-school child care is not always easy. You want someone reliable and dependable who will provide more than just a safe place while you are at work. You want your child to have fun and educational opportunities during their time in care.

When you are visiting child care centers, you should ask questions about the facilities. Ask about licenses and accreditations. Many centers will go beyond the state licensing requirements, and that is a good sign that they will be good places for your child.

You need to know the adult-to-child ratio—this is just as important as the group size. Older children do not need as much supervision, but they still need adults in the room with them. Ask if the ratio includes the support staff that is on-site but not directly caring for the child.

Most people know to ask about a caregiver’s qualifications, but many never think to ask about the staff turnover rate. Centers with higher rates of turnover are harder on your child, who has to become accustomed to new people every few months. In addition, the turnover rate may say something about the center itself. If employees do not want to continue working for the center, you should ask yourself if that is somewhere you want your child to stay.

At Jumping Up Learning Circles, your child will receive the attention she needs when she is here for child care. She will have access to the learning center and tutors, as well as fun activities.

The staff at Jumping Up Learning Circles wants you to be completely satisfied with the care your child receives. Trust your child to a quality child care center in San Jose, CA.

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