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Give your child the tools for success on standardized tests at Jumping Up Learning Circles.

Learning Center

Learning Center | Jumping Up Learning Circles - San Jose, CA

High school students face many specialized tests that can assist them in obtaining scholarships for college. The SAT, PSAT, and ACT can be very stressful if your child feels unprepared.

Let Jumping Up Learning Circles help your older student at our learning center located in San Jose, CA. First, students take practice tests in simulated testing environments. The tests are timed, so they will know what to expect on the test day. Students will then receive their scores and see what needs improvement. By setting goals to address their weaknesses, they can build on their strengths and be confident when they take a test.

By working with the tutors at Jumping Up Learning Circles, your child can learn better test-taking strategies and academic information to assist with college entrance exams. Students no longer have to experience the anxiety of not knowing what the tests will cover or how to manage their time during each section.

The learning center at Jumping Up Learning Circles can also help your teen with AP placement tests that earn college credit. A higher grade in an AP class demonstrates mastery to college admissions counselors.

The children’s learning center can work with younger students who must take standardized tests as well. The same test-taking management skills will benefit them and help reduce anxiety during mandatory tests.

Love of learning encourages students to grow and expand their minds. The enrichment programs at Jumping Up Learning Circles will provide your child with the academic boost necessary to keep him engaged with learning. Give your child the tools to succeed in school and life.

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