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If your child is struggling in school and wants to give up, tutoring can help him overcome that hurdle. One-on-one time with a trained tutor is often the encouragement that is needed to return to learning. A teacher or counselor may recommend a tutor, but you, as a parent, know when your child is unmotivated and anxious about school.

Tutoring has been shown to provide many benefits. First, it leads to more efficiency during study time. A tutor directs the child, instead of letting the child follow his own way. By receiving direct praise and feedback, your child can be encouraged immediately when he is correct, thus improving his self-esteem.

These sessions decrease the pressure on your child, because there is no competition. Personalized attention teaches children how to direct their own self-study—this can be hard to learn in a school setting. Children’s grades can improve quickly under the right conditions.

Tutoring can also help to reduce test anxiety, because your child will feel more confident. He will have more motivation to succeed that comes from within himself, not from you or a teacher. If he missed a key skill that is keeping him from processing information currently, a tutor can pick up on it and review it with him. This strengthens the knowledge he has and encourages him to go forward.

Although every child does not need tutoring, it can serve a valuable purpose when your child needs extra help. Call Jumping Up Learning Circles of San Jose, CA to provide an educational boost that can guide your child through his or her difficulties. Don’t let your child struggle in school when help is available.

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